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Not knowing what else to do, Harvey swabbed each dory as it came down, pulled out the foot-boards, and laid them in the bottom of the boat.
Finally Huck leaned on his shovel, swabbed the beaded drops from his brow with his sleeve, and said:
He made up a prodigious quantity of soap-suds, deluged me with them from head to foot, without warning me to shut my eyes, and then swabbed me viciously with the horse-tail.
In this case, the Supreme Court has decided that if an officer has reasonable and probable grounds to think there is evidence on your genitals, you can be chained to a pipe for a few hours, in a dry cell without food or drink, and have your genitals swabbed at the command of the officers, and this does not violate your rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
One constabulary took DNA from a child less than 12 months old, while another swabbed a one-year-old.