swan song

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swan song

1. A farewell or final appearance, action, or work.
2. The beautiful legendary song sung only once by a swan in its lifetime, as it is dying.

[From the belief that the swan sings as it dies.]

swan song



1. the last act, appearance, publication, or utterance of a person before retirement or death
2. (European Myth & Legend) the song that a dying swan is said to sing

swan′ song`

a final act or farewell appearance.
[1825–35; so called from the belief that the dying swan sings]
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Noun1.swan song - a final performance or effort (especially before retirement)swan song - a final performance or effort (especially before retirement)
performance - the act of presenting a play or a piece of music or other entertainment; "we congratulated him on his performance at the rehearsal"; "an inspired performance of Mozart's C minor concerto"
labutí píseň
שירת הברבור
svanasöngursvanasöngur; síîasta verk listamanns
canção do cisne
labutia pieseň
son eser

swan song

n (fig) → canto del cigno


(swon) noun
a large, usually white, water-bird of the duck family, with a long graceful neck.
swan song
the last work or performance of eg a poet, musician etc before his death or retirement.
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BY MERNIE GILMORE Sphere, PS12.99 SWAN SONG Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott This spellbinding novel tells the story of Truman Capote, author of Breakfast At Tiffany's, and the glamorous socialite swans who surrounded him.
''The Swan Song'' est l'intitule du court metrage du jeune realisateur, Yazid El Kadiri.
Dua Lipa releases 'Swan Song' single for Alita: Battle Angel' !-- -- (philstar.com) - February 7, 2019 - 7:17pm MANILA, Philippines Global pop singing sensation and 2019 double Grammy nominee Dua Lipa co-wrote and sang the new single, "Swan Song," for Twentieth Century Fox's epic-action adventure film "Alita: Battle Angel".
Global pop singing sensation and 2019 double Grammy nominee Dua Lipa, will co-write and perform the song "Swan Song" for "Fox's Alita: Battle Angel."
He also hinted at a 'big fight' by either April or May next year that could very well serve as the swan song for the incumbent senator rumored to be running for higher office in 2022.
Jon Wolfe, Jamie Richards, Back in Black and Swan Song will also perform at the festival.
In essence, Nawaz Sahrif's diatribes against the judiciary are not directed for sanctioning military rule but are, in fact, the swan song of a failed politician, trying to malign and belittle his tormentors for punishing him for his corrupt practices.
"(http://ibtimes.com/bones-spoilers-what-happened-season-10-finale-recap-season-11-premiere-2123120) Bones " co-showrunner, Jonathan Collier, is hoping that the series' creator, Hart Hanson, will write the swan song of the series finale.
seemed to get caught up in the Richie Macaw swan song SpuddyWithers AS an Aussie at the game I am ashamed of the Aussie media for even suggesting such a thing - it was a fair game well managed and the Aussies despite a valiant effort were outclassed - simple.
Washington and Brussels won't forget the events that have been enrolling since June, and it is clear that they now started to sing the swan song and have had it with Gruevski, Zaev, Ahmeti and Tachi.
Starring Dennis Waterman in his New Tricks swan song, alongside Garry Cooper (below).
"It's a nice swan song to the 36 years I've had with the industry."