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intr.v. Chiefly Southern US
To declare; swear. Used in the phrase I swanny as an interjection. See Note at vum.

[Probably alteration of dialectal (I) s' wan ye, (I) shall warrant ye.]
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adj, swannier or swanniest
1. swanlike
2. abounding in swans
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"We have experience in guys like Murray (Davidson), Liam (Craig), Swanny, Richard (Foster) and myself.
It's hard to pick which way it will go, but we're on her side, despite the small matter of her endless criminal activity and we pick up the plot as Swanny (Lloyd Owen) wants to know where Sam is.
We pick the plot back up as Swanny (Lloyd Owen) wants to know where Sam is.
As the drama draws to a close, Swanny's on Sam's back and her world falls apart when her landlady returns with shocking news.
The stakes get even higher when Swanny (Lloyd Owen) meets Sam for dinner and rocks up with PS50,000 cash for her.
Duncan Ripple, a dim reality-show star and heir to a fortune, has an impending arranged marriage to Baroness Swan (Swanny) Lenore Dahlberg.
"Swanny was a great bowler for England across all formats so going past him means a lot."
In a post on Facebook group Leyland Memories, family friend Mike Swanny said Mrs Roussos was now awake, out of surgery and "aware of the situation".
"It's going to be a very tough selection call if Swanny is fit," he said.
One of the great things about Swanny is the amount of times he has come on to bowl and immediately got a wicket," he said.
Molly is his wife and Swanny, the little superstar of the show, loves attention and enjoys participating in the show.