also swans·down (swŏnz′doun′)
1. The soft down of a swan.
2. A soft woolen or wool and silk fabric.
3. Flannelette.



1. the down or under plumage of a swan, used for trimming, powder puffs, etc.
2. a sturdy cotton flannel with a thickly napped face.


[ˈswɒnzdaʊn] N (= feathers) → plumón m de cisne (Textiles) → fustán m, muletón m
References in classic literature ?
Carfry's--London's a desert at this season, and you've made yourself much too beautiful," Archer said to May, who sat at his side in the hansom so spotlessly splendid in her sky-blue cloak edged with swansdown that it seemed wicked to expose her to the London grime.
She looked very smart in her new hat, a large black straw with a great many inexpensive flowers on it; and round her neck floated a long boa of imitation swansdown.
One evening in March, Rosamond in her cherry-colored dress with swansdown trimming about the throat sat at the tea-table; Lydgate, lately come in tired from his outdoor work, was seated sideways on an easy-chair by the fire with one leg over the elbow, his brow looking a little troubled as his eyes rambled over the columns of the "Pioneer," while Rosamond, having noticed that he was perturbed, avoided looking at him, and inwardly thanked heaven that she herself had not a moody disposition.
Hadlow isn't the only "ghost station" - there's another one called Swansdown - but that's another story .
For him the language is a woman's body and she will stand out in the rain a hundred years running it back at him Hast 'ou seen the rose in the steeldust (or swansdown ever?
West Sussex for PS360: Book by February 28 to save 20 per cent on a three-night stay at the Swansdown Lodge in South Chichester on selected dates in March.
To race on wings through lacy mist Ride the winds mercurial height Glimpse soaring eagle's mesm'ric flight Flex those muscles, now stand tip-toe Pluck crimson berries from wild hedgerow List-midst vibrant, swirling mirth As molten vices melt this earth Eyes to see deep sunset blush Ears to hear an ocean's rush Limbs to clamber mountain peak Lips to bring forth fervent speech Exultantly I raise my hands In surging praise to heaven's lands For precious senses: blessed, free God's priceless heritage to me Jewels of Orient could never compete With swansdown movement, eyesight, speech Let joy, unleashed now leap within my breast To seize, clasp, cherish each glorious guest
Wholly present to the beneficent swansdown grace of a single night, unlit by even a candle.
Not that he would get gourmet meals cooked by Nigella Lawson, long rests on swansdown pillows and free sessions with psychiatrists who'd studied with Freud's ancestors in Vienna.
Midsomer Murders (ITV1, 8pm) When a blue crested hoopoe is spotted in the woods around Swansdown lake, there is great excitement among the Midsomer Ornithological Society.
Oh, to be free of Princes' at one-thirty, of being the tiny kitten in the swansdown basket, of being the Arabian, and the grave, delighted child and the little wild creature .
The bed that night, after sleeping on the ground, was as soft and as yielding as swansdown.