1. The skin of a swan with the feathers attached.
2. Any of several flannel or cotton fabrics with a soft nap.


1. (Textiles) the skin of a swan with the feathers attached
2. (Textiles) a fine twill-weave flannel fabric



1. the skin of a swan, with the feathers on.
2. any of various softly napped fabrics, esp. a flannellike wool used for work clothes.
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Later I learned that a molleton, molletone in Italian, is literally a swanskin, a soft skin.
The European craze for swanskin powder puffs, quill pens and feathers for ladies' hats all but wiped out the species by the late 1800s.
Beautiful and deadly in velvet and silk and satin and gold braid, muslin and swanskin and flannel, they tightroped their way up and down the Golden Age with tiny steps.