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Noun1.swap file - the disk space that is set aside for virtual memory
disc space, disk space - (computer science) the space available on a magnetic disk
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For Mac computers, the bug created a 30 gigabyte swap file process.
The examiner will also be able to retrieve information from the Windows swap file, as well (Castelluccio, 2002).
In particular, determine if there is excessive paging to the swap file and whether other applications are contending for system resources (such as RAM, CPU and disks) with Oracle.
"We in Hamas are continuing our efforts, through the parties involved in the swap file, to overcome the obstacles placed by the Israeli enemy," it said in a statement issued in Gaza.
But beyond the obvious places one could find information, there are hidden spots most of us probably don't even know exist such as the Windows Swap File or the unallocated space on your hard drive.
TweakRAM finds such memory leaks and flushes them to swap file, thus increasing size of free RAM.
It even overwrites deleted information in the Windows swap file.
If you do succeed in destroying the files you meant to, the data they contained may still exist in more places on the drive, such as in the cache, backup or temporary files, a swap file, virtual memory, the print spooler, thumbnail versions of graphics, preview versions of print documents, temporary Internet browser directory, or in any number of alternative file views.
ECO changes may easily be back-annotated into OrCAD Capture through automatic Swap file (.swp) generation.
The feeling of increased speed was likely the result of less need to use the swap file. If you keep your eye on RAM usage, you will see that it increases with time.
He pulls up the swap file, used in the Windows operating system.