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Noun1.swap space - the disk space that is set aside for virtual memory
disc space, disk space - (computer science) the space available on a magnetic disk
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Organized around exam CX-310-200 and CX-310-202 objectives, this guide explains how to install the Solaris 10 operating system, set up user accounts, administer the LP print service, perform system backups, monitor swap space, manage storage volumes, and configure an NIS network.
Minimum system requirements for "Alcatraz: Prison Escape" include a Pentium 266Mhz or equivalent, 32MB RAM, 4MB of video RAM, a DirectX(R) 8 compatible Sound Card, 8X CD-ROM, 400MB available hard disk space, 200MB swap space, Mouse and Keyboard and Windows 95/98/ME.
Hardware: Unix workstation from Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Silicon Graphics, or Sun Microsystems with a minimum RAM of 192 MB (320 MB recommended) and a swap space of 400 MB; Pentium PC with Windows NT 4.
LEADING Dublin actor Colm Meaney is set to boldly swap space for sash and make a film about the Ulster marching season.
No additional disk swap space is required, and most simulation projects require less than 1 MB of hard disk space for storage.
Each workstation has 128 to 256 Mb of RAM, 200 to 400 Mb of swap space, and 2GB or 4GB disk drives.