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adj. swarth·i·er, swarth·i·est
Having a dark complexion or color.

[Alteration of swarty, from swart.]

swarth′i·ly adv.
swarth′i·ness n.
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It would be an ugly business, indeed, if Judge Pyncheon (who would not have cared a fig for Paganini's fiddle in his most harmonious mood) should make his appearance at the door, with a bloody shirt-bosom, and a grim frown on his swarthily white visage, and motion the foreign vagabond away!
More difficult is discerning which of the swarthily handsome local bar patrons are being genuinely friendly and which are predatory rent boys.
Her ditzy roommate Fanny (Rosemarie DeWitt), chugging from a Thermos ("It's only wine"), babbles nervously at her neighbor, swarthily handsome Hakija (Lee Pace), who distracts her' with a gruesome story about his past that he later dismisses as a joke, leaving her unnerved.