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swathe 1

 (swŏth, swôth, swāth)
tr.v. swathed, swath·ing, swathes
a. To wrap, as in layers of cloth: swathed herself in towels.
b. To wrap or bind in bandages.
2. To enfold or envelop: Clouds swathed the mountain.
A wrapping, binding, or bandage.

[Middle English swathen, from Old English swathian.]

swath′er n.

swathe 2

 (swŏth, swôth, swāth)
Variant of swath.


1. (Tools) US a farming implement that cuts and binds some grain crops into windrows
2. (Agriculture) US a farming implement that cuts and binds some grain crops into windrows
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13), were quickly rendered obsolete in Canada by the introduction of ox- or horse-drawn swathers and balers.
All mowers, swathers and tedders from CLAAS are developed and manufactured in Bad Saulgau, Germany.
The LINER 500 is a new one-rotor swather with a working width of 4.
With mobile viners, the crop is cut and swathed into windrows, threshed out by the mobile viners following swathers.
And, the GC sub-compact tractors were redesigned for 2005 along with Massey Ferguson's 9000 combines and new hay equipment line of self-propelled swathers.
That means 90 per cent of the swathers they designed and built were for other well-known farm equipment retailers like Massey and New Holland.
The auction included 83 quarter sections of land (one quarter section is 160 acres) and all the equipment needed to farm it, including tractors, combines and headers, swathers, trucks, trailers, grain handling and heavy duty equipment.
Swathers replaced binders and the stooking operation was no more.
said he made his own toy swathers, binders and plows when he was growing up.
Rectangular balers, forage harvesters, grinder mixers, manure spreaders, mower conditioners, windrowers and swathers, field cultivators, chisel plows and disk harrows show negative sales for 2000 ranging from 0.