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adj. sweat·i·er, sweat·i·est
1. Covered with or smelling of sweat.
2. Causing sweat: a sweaty job.

sweat′i·ly adv.
sweat′i·ness n.
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تَبَلُّل بالعَرَق
det at være svedig


(swet) noun
the moisture given out through the skin. He was dripping with sweat after running so far in the heat.
1. to give out sweat. Vigorous exercise makes you sweat.
2. to work hard. I was sweating (away) at my work from morning till night.
ˈsweater noun
any kind of knitted pullover or jersey.
ˈsweaty adjective
wet or stained with, or smelling of, sweat. sweaty clothes/bodies.
ˈsweatiness noun
a cold sweat
(coldness and dampness of the skin when a person is in) a state of shock, fear etc.
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The British Heart Foundationhave highlighted the most common symptoms, which include: pain or discomfort in your chest; pain spreading to the left or right arm, or to the neck, jaw, back or stomach; and sickness, sweatiness, light-headiness or shortness of breath.
Palpitations, headache, excess sweatiness, anxiety and pallor should arouse suspicion of pheochromocytoma in children.
The skin gets red and itchy because of all the sweatiness and chafing.
She experienced some sweatiness but had no dyspnea or fever.
Truth be told, I didn't see it as weakness but simply indolence - particularly when it came to pushing the body to the point of sweatiness and fatigue.
* Aware of dryness of the mouth, breathing difficulties, pounding of the heart, sweatiness of the palms
Symptoms of hypoglycaemia include shakiness, pounding heart, and sweatiness, headache, drowsiness and difficulty in concentrating.
On the day he was to be discharged, he was transported by ambulance to the emergency department (ED) complaining of "a syncopal episode" with weakness, lightheadedness, dizziness, and sweatiness. This was followed by a second episode with similar symptoms.
JAMES RICHARDSON dons a new shirt claiming to prevent unsightly sweatiness WHAT A IS IT?
JAMES RICHARDSON dons a new shirt claiming to prevent unsightly sweatiness JAMES RICHARDSON dons a new shirt claiming to prevent unsightly sweatiness WHAT WHA IS IT?