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v. sweat·ed or sweat, sweat·ing, sweats
1. To excrete perspiration through the pores in the skin; perspire.
2. To exude in droplets, as moisture from certain cheeses or sap from a tree.
3. To collect moisture in small drops from the air, as a cold water pipe.
a. To release moisture, as hay in the swath.
b. To ferment, as tobacco during curing.
5. Informal To work long and hard: sweated over his term paper.
6. Informal To fret or worry: Don't sweat over the bills.
a. To excrete (moisture) through a porous surface, such as the skin.
b. To excrete (wastes) in perspiration: sweated out the toxins in the steam room.
2. To have (moisture) condense in small drops on a surface.
3. To cause to perspire, as by drugs, heat, or strenuous exercise: Running for the train got me sweated up.
4. To make damp or wet with perspiration: His shirt was sweated.
a. To cause to work excessively; overwork.
b. To overwork and underpay (employees).
6. Slang
a. To interrogate (someone) under duress: sweated the suspected spy for hours.
b. To extract (information) from someone under duress: The police sweated the information out of the suspect.
7. Metallurgy To join (metal parts) by interposing cold solder and then heating.
8. To steam (vegetables or other food).
9. Informal To fret or worry about: Don't sweat the details.
1. The colorless saline moisture excreted by the sweat glands; perspiration.
2. Condensation of moisture in the form of droplets on a surface.
a. The process of sweating.
b. A condition or instance of sweating: worked up a sweat raking leaves.
4. Strenuous labor or exertion: It took a lot of sweat to move the piano.
5. A run given to a horse as exercise before a race.
6. Informal An anxious, fretful condition: got myself in a sweat over the deadline.
7. sweats Informal
a. A sweatsuit.
b. Sweatpants.
Phrasal Verb:
sweat out Slang
1. To endure anxiously: sweat out an exam.
2. To await (something) anxiously: sweat out one's final grades.
no sweat Slang
1. Easily done or handled.
2. Used to acknowledge an expression of gratitude.
sweat blood Informal
1. To work diligently or strenuously.
2. To worry intensely.
sweat bullets Slang
1. To sweat profusely.
2. To worry intensely.
sweat of (one's) brow
Hard work: landscaped the yard by the sweat of my brow.

[Middle English sweten, from Old English swǣtan; see sweid- in Indo-European roots.]
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pl n
(Clothing & Fashion) sweatshirts and sweatsuit trousers: jeans and sweats.
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Noun1.sweats - garment consisting of sweat pants and a sweatshirtsweats - garment consisting of sweat pants and a sweatshirt
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
sweat pants, sweatpants - loose-fitting trousers with elastic cuffs; worn by athletes
sweatshirt - cotton knit pullover with long sleeves worn during athletic activity
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References in classic literature ?
Practically all of us will weep red tears and sweat bloody sweats as we come to knowledge of the unavoidable cruelty and brutality on which the trained-animal world rests and has its being.
But the fact is, that the stomach of poor Sancho was of necessity not so delicate as that of his master, and so, before vomiting, he was seized with such gripings and retchings, and such sweats and faintness, that verily and truly be believed his last hour had come, and finding himself so racked and tormented he cursed the balsam and the thief that had given it to him.
That he gave that bitter cry, And the wild regrets, and the bloody sweats,
'Lawyer Lightwood,' ducking at him with a servile air, 'I am a man as gets my living, and as seeks to get my living, by the sweat of my brow.
She makes me get up just at the same time every morning; she makes me wash, they comb me all to thunder; she won't let me sleep in the woodshed; I got to wear them blamed clothes that just smothers me, Tom; they don't seem to any air git through 'em, somehow; and they're so rotten nice that I can't set down, nor lay down, nor roll around anywher's; I hain't slid on a cellar-door for -- well, it 'pears to be years; I got to go to church and sweat and sweat -- I hate them ornery sermons!
She put me in them new clothes again, and I couldn't do nothing but sweat and sweat, and feel all cramped up.
He tried to drink, and revel, and swear away the memory; but often, in the deep night, whose solemn stillness arraigns the bad soul in forced communion with herself, he had seen that pale mother rising by his bedside, and felt the soft twining of that hair around his fingers, till the cold sweat would roll down his face, and he would spring from his bed in horror.
He worked like a madman, till he panted from his exertions and the sweat dripped from his face to the ground.
So tense was he, so bent upon the work he had to do, that the sweat stung his eyes unwiped, and unheeded rolled down his nose and spattered his saddle pommel.
Very softly down the glade runs a waiting, watching shade, And the whisper spreads and widens far and near; And the sweat is on thy brow, for he passes even now-- He is Fear, O Little Hunter, he is Fear!
The cold sweat melted from their limbs, Nor rot nor reek did they: The look with which they looked on me Had never passed away.
He didn't sleep much, he was in such a sweat to get in there and find out the mystery about Phillips; and moreover he done a lot of guessing about it all night, which warn't no use, for if you are going to find out the facts of a thing, what's the sense in guessing out what ain't the facts and wasting ammunition?