sweep along

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w>sweep along

vidahin- or entlangrauschen; (majestically) → dahin- or entlanggleiten
vt sep (lit, fig)mitreißen
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There were moments when dark clouds of smoke would sweep along the little terrace; and, as the eye lost its power, the other senses contributed to give effect to the fearful horror of the scene.
There was a wondering and eloquent silence for a mo- ment, then a great wave of laughter began to sweep along that human sea, but a warning bugle-blast cut its career short.
Police said PO1 Niel Payrick Galiza and several other officers were doing clearing operations and a security sweep along Quezon Boulevard when they saw a black bag hanging near the church.
SWEEP along lower lash line with the plum-filled brush, starting at the outer corner and lightly working in.