sweep off

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Verb1.sweep off - overwhelm emotionally; "Her swept her away"
impress, strike, affect, move - have an emotional or cognitive impact upon; "This child impressed me as unusually mature"; "This behavior struck me as odd"
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w>sweep off

vidavonrauschen; (car, plane)davonschießen; (majestically) → davongleiten; (skier)davonfegen
vt sep vase, clockherunterfegen; to sweep somebody off somewherejdn irgendwohin entführen; the children were swept off to beddie Kinder wurden schleunigst ins Bett gesteckt (inf)or geschickt; to sweep somebody off his/her feet (lit)jdn umreißen; (fig) audiencejdn begeistern; he swept her off her feet (fig)sie hat sich Hals über Kopf in ihn verliebt (inf)
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It was too dark in these storage places to see well, but a man could run his hand over these piles of meat and sweep off handfuls of the dried dung of rats.
You were to have no capital punishment, but were first to sweep off the face of the earth all legislators, jurists, and judges, who were of the contrary opinion.
"Nothing but vast wisdom and unlimited power should dare to sweep off men in multitudes," he added; "for it is only the one that can know the necessity of the judgment; and what is there, short of the other, that can replace the creatures of the Lord?
Misbah was himself guilty as he gloved a reverse sweep off Bishoo after hitting three fours and a six.