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1. Having wide-ranging influence or effect: sweeping changes.
2. Moving in or as if in a wide curve: a sweeping gesture; a sweeping glance.
3. Indiscriminate; wholesale: sweeping generalizations.
4. Overwhelming; complete: a sweeping victory.
1. The action of one that sweeps.
2. sweepings Things swept up; refuse.

sweep′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.sweepingly - in a sweeping manner; "he sweepingly condemned the entire population of the country for the war crimes"
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adv gestureschwungvoll; speakverallgemeinernd; condemnin Bausch und Bogen
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These new circulars sweepingly abandoned the previous interpretation, and held that the dues and fees are subject to tax.
The maximum penalty is life in prison, while under Section 12, 'serious indecency' is sweepingly defined as any act 'involving the use of the genital organs for the purpose of arousing or gratifying sexual desire'.
The proposed legislation on 'false content' is sweepingly broad and threatens internet freedom and free exchange of ideas, New York-based watchdog Human Rights Watch said Friday as it urged Philippine lawmakers to reject the proposal.
In July 2016, the Philippines sealed a historic win against China before the United Nations-backed arbitral tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, which invalidated Beijing's nine-dash line that sweepingly claims almost the entire South China Sea.
Islamic scholars, including Ibn Rushd, have written on this matter and they don't agree that this should always be the case, but of course, there is some consensus on this claim which is why it used this sweepingly. In Pakistan, this claim is often invoked in religious debates, playgrounds, and such, to remind women of their pre-ordained place in the society.
Human Rights Watch has described the bill as "sweepingly broad" while critics note Singapore already has tough laws against sedition, defamation and disturbing racial harmony, that can be used to police the web.
These changes are reflected in a sweepingly different brand positioning for oneworld, encouraging passengers to "Travel Bright" -- complete with a new oneworld.com website, both unveiled today.
*These changes are reflected in a sweepingly different brand positioning for one world, encouraging passengers to "Travel Bright" -- complete with a new oneworld.com website, both unveiled today.
This takeover of the social order by a sweepingly appealing re-interpretation of Confucianism ?
An abstract for Graham's article draws from many of the tropes that dominate the punditry about Millennials: there are some sweepingly broad generalizations (Z's are insecure and anxious, and growing up more slowly, apparently) and suggests "concrete strategies for legal educators to address the challenges presented by Generation Z students." The Z's "haven't learned how to critically read and deeply analyze information," Graham warns.
Her recent debut single, Sanctuary, is a wonderful demonstration of White's more expansive sound, a beautifully emotive rock ballad which finds that perfect sweet spot between sweepingly anthemic and intimate confessional.