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Noun1.sweet cup - the edible yellow fruit of the Jamaica honeysuckle
passion fruit - egg-shaped tropical fruit of certain passionflower vines; used for sherbets and confectionery and drinks
Jamaica honeysuckle, Passiflora laurifolia, yellow granadilla - West Indian passionflower; cultivated for its yellow edible fruit
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Then, based on how good the barista is, people can end up with a smooth and slightly sweet cup of coffee.
Jesus drank the poisoned bitter cup of suffering that we could drink the sweet cup of forgiveness.
Janette W Horn My shining jewel and one true love A precious gift from one above And even crazy though it seems You fill my warmest, sweetest dreams You bring me joy, you fill me up As we take and sip from love's sweet cup And in a magic moment to adore Our souls reopen love's sweet door I hold you close against my skin Entangled in your web within For I have loved you from the start And in the years we were apart And when this world turns you to dust I will reach with open hands To the lifting winds that carry you And touch you as you go In the sands of time that ever, ever blow And here within my heart to rest A never-ending love Until we meet again My precious gift from God above
The three man A team won the Molly Sweet Cup with a total catch of 38lb 10oz and together with the B team members added the Half Moon Cup for teams of six with a combined 56lb 8oz.
15.00 Fuel up and grab a sweet cup of karak and enjoy the two-hour drive home to Muscat.
Inspired by a sweet cup of warm cocoa made with rich dark chocolate, a touch of habanero makes this confection truly unique.
"Sugar makes me sick but I wake up in the night craving a sweet cup of tea because I feel faint.
She was hilarious, though, as she was convinced that four slices of white Mothers Pride bread, deep fried and served alongside a strong sweet cup of tea, was the very best breakfast anyone could have!
Before bidding farewell to the people of Mahboob Kahloro, the village gathered round as my local colleagues and I removed our shoes and sat on an orange tarp to receive a deliciously sweet cup of tea and biscuits.
"I might have a sweet cup of tea later to celebrate!" Despite the jokes McCarthy does not want to give the aura of a man who does not care.
CELTIC 2, RANGERS 0, 2009 Co-Operative Cup Final Two extra-time goals give Celtic a sweet Cup Final success against Rangers in the only Old Firm Final during Strachan's reign.