sweet sorghum

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sweet sorghum

See sorgo.
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or sor•gho

(ˈsɔr goʊ)

n., pl. -gos or -ghos.
any of several varieties of sorghum grown chiefly for the sweet juice yielded by the stems, used in making sugar and syrup and also for fodder.
Also called sweet sorghum.
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Noun1.sweet sorghum - any of several sorghums cultivated as a source of syrupsweet sorghum - any of several sorghums cultivated as a source of syrup
sorghum - economically important Old World tropical cereal grass
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The assistance packages will see each recipient receive a full meal package that comprises of sweet sorghum, red beans, salt and cooking oil.
DA beefs up sorghum preparation !-- -- Louise Maureen Simeon (The Philippine Star) - July 14, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines The Department of Agriculture continues to expand the production of sweet sorghum, a grain crop used as raw material for feeds, as it trains more local farmers for a more sustainable management of the crop.
At present, Gatchalian said there are a number of institutions engaged in this kind of research - Mariano Marcos State University for ''nipa'' and University of the Philippines Los Banos for sweet sorghum.
Keywords: Sweet sorghum, yield componenets, genotype by environment interaction, correlation.
Seeing sugar farmers in Negros Occidental lose their livelihoods as a result of reduced planting of sugarcane, he introduced sweet sorghum as a substitute crop to be planted in former sugarcane areas in Sagay City.
Summary: In order to utilize sweet sorghum grain protein (SSGP) for food applications, SSGP was hydrolyzed by alcalase to produce the hydrolysates with ACE-inhibitory activity.
Since last year, the region has also begun work on the introduction of high-yielding crops such as soybeans, and forage crops such as Sudan grass and sweet sorghum.
The Policy expands the scope of raw material for ethanol production by allowing use of Sugarcane Juice, Sugar containing materials like Sugar Beet, Sweet Sorghum, Starch containing materials like Corn, Cassava, Damaged food grains like wheat, broken rice, Rotten Potatoes, unfit for human consumption for ethanol production.
Being a C4 plant, sweet sorghum has a highly efficient photosynthetic pathway and is very efficient in the utilization of soil nutrients also.
Ethanol produced from sweet sorghum can be used for auto and jet fuel, according to the paper.