sweet talk

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sweet talk

n. Informal
Flattery; cajolery.

sweet′ talk`

Informal. cajolery; flattery.


v.t. Informal.
1. to use cajoling words on; flatter.
2. to use cajoling words.
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Noun1.sweet talk - flattery designed to gain favorsweet talk - flattery designed to gain favor  
flattery - excessive or insincere praise
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Manama: Three young Kuwaiti women have accused a Gulf national of scamming them separately out of 40,000 Kuwaiti dinars through sweet talk and promises to marry them.
They would sweet talk the owner to enter into a contract and lend a car in exchange for P10,000 to P50,000 (a month).
I would say to Mr McDonald - no amount of sweet talk will change the mind of this Government.
HERE Kelly Brook turning on the charm to sweet talk her way out of a parking ticket in Los Angeles.
We are also being treated to a celebrity version of Strictly Come Dancing and Lord Sugar attempts to sweet talk the dragon's from Dragon's Den.
He had said: "Show her your good side and sweet talk her".
Now listen to a "movie" instead of watching it at a script reading of "Niki Sweet Talk Moves"
You've got to learn to value yourself a wee bit more and don't let anyone sweet talk you into bed until it's what you want rather than them.
But Mailer didn't get too excited about Huston's sweet talk.
Of course, Dee Dee's brand of sweet talk is akin to an impatient bulldozer flattening all resistance.