sweet talk

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sweet talk

n. Informal
Flattery; cajolery.

sweet′ talk`

Informal. cajolery; flattery.


v.t. Informal.
1. to use cajoling words on; flatter.
2. to use cajoling words.
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Noun1.sweet talk - flattery designed to gain favorsweet talk - flattery designed to gain favor  
flattery - excessive or insincere praise
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'We would not be swayed by sweet talk; we would not be swayed by the number of promises,' she added.
Charleston, SC, August 25, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Singer-songwriter Joe McGowan brings his native Charleston, South Carolina charm into his newly released single "Sweet Talk."
Manama: Three young Kuwaiti women have accused a Gulf national of scamming them separately out of 40,000 Kuwaiti dinars through sweet talk and promises to marry them.
"If the good senator pushes through with her plan to run as president, we urge her not to give in to the sweet talk of the Aquino administration," Ridon, a Makabayan bloc member, said in a statement Saturday.
The night ahead of leaving for the US, Netanyahu said Iran was using the diplomatic approach as a tactic to "fool" the West while it continues to enrich uranium and that he was going to "expose the truth" of Iran's "sweet talk" and "onslaught of smiles."
Summary: President Barack Obama promised Benjamin Netanyahu Monday he would enter talks with Iran with "clear eyes" and demand verifiable concessions, following the Israeli leader's warnings about "sweet talk" from the Islamic Republic.
I would say to Mr McDonald - no amount of sweet talk will change the mind of this Government.
We are also being treated to a celebrity version of Strictly Come Dancing and Lord Sugar attempts to sweet talk the dragon's from Dragon's Den.
He had said: "Show her your good side and sweet talk her".
Sweet Talk Cafe, 2704 Stickney Point Road, Sarasota (in Gateway Center); closed Monday; (941) 923-1467.
Now listen to a "movie" instead of watching it at a script reading of "Niki Sweet Talk Moves"
She said he later tried to "sweet talk" her before he dropped her off.