sweet violet

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Noun1.sweet violet - European violet typically having purple to white flowerssweet violet - European violet typically having purple to white flowers; widely naturalized
violet - any of numerous low-growing violas with small flowers
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No; because, as you say, I have no particular associations connected with them; for there are no sweet violets among the hills and valleys round my home.
Her wedding florals have been featured in numerous wedding blogs and magazines including Smitten, Sweet Violet Bride, Style Me Pretty, Ruffled Blog, Grey Likes Weddings and Green Wedding Shoes.
Other diets were having extracts as following: F3 was NC+ fenugreek, F4 was NC +black cumin seed, F5 was NC + sweet violet, F6 was NC + ajwain, F7 was PC + ajwain, fenugreek and sweet violet and F8 was NC diet+ ajwain, fenugreek and sweet violet.
My beauty musts include Burt's Bees Sweet Violet tinted lip balm, 100-percent pure Cranberry cheek and lip balm, Shu Uemura eyelash curler and Happy Skin Eye Love View eyebrow duo.
com) L' L Occitane's latest fragrance, Arlesienne, is centred around rose accords from the famous French Grasse region, enhanced by sweet violet and saffron.
The reworked book is all the better for keeping a tight focus on sassy Daisy (Padgett) and sweet Violet (Davie), country girls whose personal journey from obscurity to fame brings both happiness and heartbreak.
Often wild populations are garden escapees - the sweet violet was often cultivated in cottage gardens.
If you enjoy Viola odorata, the sweet violet of hedgerows and country lanes, Elizabeth offers a Large Flowered Blue form, which is highly scented, and Viola odorata Rosea with very pale pink blooms.
Splendor and Pageantry: Textile Treasures from the Armenian Orthodox Churches of Istanbul offers a singular survey of the culture of the times and the textiles produced, including the sensual and natural imagery of the pieces to an actual list of ingredients found in the Holy Myron Oil (saffron, sweet violet, and rose water, to name a few) used to consecrate them.
These fruit-flavoured waters - Elderflower, Ruby Orange, Mango and Lemongrass & Ginger - contain vitamin C, white tea tincture and selenium, plus extracts of rose petal, calendula, linden blossom, Scottish heath blossom and sweet violet.
The sweet violet Viola odorata continues to be the most easily recognised, and its hybrid descendants and cultivars are countless.