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Adj.1.sweet-faced - having a pleasing face or one showing a sweet disposition; "a sweet-faced child"
faced - having a face or facing especially of a specified kind or number; often used in combination; "a neatly faced terrace"
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Many dear old ladies who daily look at tiny shoes lying in lavender-scented drawers, and weep as they think of the tiny feet whose toddling march is done, and sweet-faced young ones who place each night beneath their pillow some lock that once curled on a boyish head that the salt waves have kissed to death, will call me a nasty cynical brute and say I'm talking nonsense; but I believe, nevertheless, that if they will ask themselves truthfully whether they find it unpleasant to dwell thus on their sorrow, they will be compelled to answer "No.
A moment later she approached one of the purple ornaments, and while the Queen watched her curiously the hen broke the Nome King's enchantment and a sweet-faced girl, whose golden hair fell in a cloud over her shoulders, stood beside them.
It was a pretty sight to see the one earnest, sweet-faced girl among the flock of tall lads, trying to understand, to help and please them with a patient affection that worked many a small miracle unperceived.
NED WOODMAN Back to school for this sweet-faced nine-year-old, who will be a hero among his classmates for surviving those shocking and savage judges' put-downs.
He recounted how he was recognised on the streets of Auckland by a sweet-faced, grey-haired old lady, who asked: "You're the young man who plays in the centre for England, aren't you?
While most her age would be only too pleased to see these creatures running wild, sweet-faced Aryanna Gourdin guns them down for her trophy-hunting album.
He did not lack live models for his paintings, and some of the sweet-faced women in his historical paintings were based on members of his family.
One of the pupils in their sights is Halil, 13 - a sweet-faced boy who's apt to fly into a rage at any sign of disrespect in the playground.
The two pupils in their sights are 13-year-old Halil - a sweet-faced boy who's apt to fly into a rage at any sign of disrespect in the playground.
We begin as Frankie Castelluccio, a sweet-faced boy of 16 (Young, at 38, somehow pulls this off) is trying to break through as a singer while training at a barbershop.
So: conditions allowed for a sweet-faced kitten named Monkey to be born and then to grow old in a little hermitage where she was much loved.
Hymns, yet the sweet-faced Jamaican Second-generation New Yorker Priest