sweet talk

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sweet talk

n. Informal
Flattery; cajolery.

sweet′ talk`

Informal. cajolery; flattery.


v.t. Informal.
1. to use cajoling words on; flatter.
2. to use cajoling words.
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Noun1.sweet talk - flattery designed to gain favorsweet talk - flattery designed to gain favor  
flattery - excessive or insincere praise
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constantly sweet-talked the wife and told her to enjoy her life because her husband's stay behind bars would last long due to the number of cases lodged against him.
Truck stop owner Michael Sandlin, who's raised tigers since 1988, told the Times-Picayune that "the threat of him being drug away to some strange place--never petted, never sweet-talked to again .
But the quirky brunette has had to be sweet-talked into returning to the new season of MTV's booze-fest Geordie Shore as she was worried that the debauched show would ruin her now cleaned-up reputation.
The trio sweet-talked Roland (pictured second right) into letting them see his amazing cafe racer, based on the 883 Sportster.
Pressly plays Joy, the dishy, trashy blonde who married Earl (Jason Lee), sweet-talked him into raising her children by other daddies, then dumped him as he was recovering from being run over.
The Gazette reported how Melanie Moorhead and Michael Cox sweet-talked their way past 3,000 couples to make it to the final four shortlist of GMTV's Interactive Wedding competition.
She left him three or four times in all but he always sweet-talked her into going back.