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The thymus gland or pancreas of a young animal, especially a calf or lamb, used for food.

[Early Modern English : sweet (from its sweet delicate flavor) + possibly Middle English brede, roast meat (from Old English brǣde; see bhreu- in Indo-European roots).]


(Cookery) the pancreas (stomach sweetbread) or the thymus gland (neck or throat sweetbread) of an animal, used for food
[C16: sweet + bread, perhaps from Old English brǣd meat; related to Old Saxon brādo ham, Old High German brāt, Old Norse brāth]



the thymus or, sometimes, the pancreas of a young animal, esp. a calf or lamb, used for food.
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Noun1.sweetbread - edible glands of an animal
organs, variety meat - edible viscera of a butchered animal


[ˈswiːtbrɛd] nris m de veausweet chestnut nchâtaigne f
References in classic literature ?
The baked apples and biscuits, excellent in their way, you know; but there was a delicate fricassee of sweetbread and some asparagus brought in at first, and good Mr.
In yielding up my trust here, I shall not be freed from the necessity of eating the bread of dependence:' she might have said the sweetbread, for that delicate article in a savoury brown sauce was her favourite supper:
I hope he won't forget to order my sweetbread," sighed Mrs.
The butcher was so much in earnest with his sweetbread of lamb, or whatever the dainty might be, that he tried every accessible door of the Seven Gables, and at length came round again to the shop, where he ordinarily found admittance.
The maid had orders to make me some chocolate in the morning before she came away, and did so, and at noon she brought me the sweetbread of a breast of veal, whole, and a dish of soup for my dinner; and after this manner she nursed me up at a distance, so that I was mightily well pleased, and quickly well, for indeed my dejections before were the principal part of my illness.
After some discussion on the relative merits of veal-cutlet, sweetbread, and lobster, a decision was pronounced in favour of veal-cutlet.
I had to preside, too, over the entertainment, consisting of a dish of fish, a roast fowl, a sweetbread, vegetables, pudding, and Madeira; and it was so pleasant to see how she enjoyed it, and with what state and ceremony she did honour to it, that I was soon thinking of nothing else.
She apportioned the sweetbreads, jellies, chickens; their quantity and order.
It was a close call whether to have the salmon or the glazed calves' sweetbread with crispy chicken wings, but you can't have both.
of a dimpled sweetbread, the place in her brain they were careful, when
The new 10, eight and six course tasting menus showcase regional dishes and producers, including North-east coast mackerel with Spillman's Yorkshire gooseberries, English mustard and lemon; Neasham beef with braised oxtail; loin, shoulder and sweetbread of local High Farm Faceby hogget; and Yorkshire rhubarb with vanilla custard and Granny Smith apples.
And then there's a delicious sweetbread, bara brith (bahrah breeth).