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Noun1.sweetpea - climbing garden plant having fragrant pastel-colored flowerssweetpea - climbing garden plant having fragrant pastel-colored flowers
genus Lathyrus, Lathyrus - genus of climbing herbs of Old World and temperate North and South America: vetchling; wild pea
vine - a plant with a weak stem that derives support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface
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Luckily I had sown two great patches of sweetpeas which made me very happy all the summer, and then there were some sunflowers and a few hollyhocks under the south windows, with Madonna lilies in between.
The hollyhocks and lilies (now flourishing) are still under the south windows in a narrow border on the top of a grass slope, at the foot of which I have sown two long borders of sweetpeas facing the rose beds, so that my roses may have something almost as sweet as themselves to look at until the autumn, when everything is to make place for more tea-roses.
com, 0845 557 6888 Sweetpea & Willow sweetpeaandwillow.
Sweetpea has dazzled audiences all over the country with her signature sultry charm and is now omnipresent on the local burlesque scene.
99 Metallic moonlight grey throw, sweetpea andwillow.
This year's honorees are: Oriol Health Care, 50th anniversary; Jennifer Breen, recreation director for the town of West Boylston; and Richard Clark, founder of Sweetpea, Friends of Rutland Animals.
The children's food industry is set for a significant shake-up following the launch of Sweetpea Pantry, a company which provides a unique offering in the child and bake-at-home mixes market by only using all-natural super foods to create nutritious but, above all, delicious kits for parents to cook with their children.
Grasse fragrance house Fragonard within beauty will expand its perfume and toiletries portfolio with a new collection featuring the sweetpea.
The attendants wore strapless, black floor-length gowns and carried bouquets of roses, hydrangeas, and sweetpea.
Antique mirrored and gold bedside table, from Ivory Pearl Interiors, and Cleopatra black glass bedside table from Ivory Pearl Interiors, above Classical white round Janey table, pounds 155, from Sweetpea & Willow, and Pierre black-and-white stripe bedside table, pounds 354, from Artisanti, above right Mayfair Narrow Bedside Table, from Ivory Pearl Interiors, and a wonderful wardrobe from French Bedroom Company, r i g h t
In my head, I called it the Sweet-P, you know, like a sweetpea.