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tr. & intr.v. swerved, swerv·ing, swerves
To turn aside or be turned aside abruptly from a straight path or established pattern.
The act of swerving.

[Middle English swerven, from Old English sweorfan, to rub, scour.]
Synonyms: swerve, depart, deviate, digress, diverge, stray, veer1
These verbs mean to turn away from a straight path or established pattern, as of thought or action: a gaze that never swerved; won't depart from family traditions; deviated from the original plan; digressed from the main topic; opinions that diverged; strays from the truth; a conversation that veered away from sensitive issues.
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Noun1.swerving - the act of turning aside suddenlyswerving - the act of turning aside suddenly  
turning, turn - the act of changing or reversing the direction of the course; "he took a turn to the right"
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The French invaders, like an infuriated animal that has in its onslaught received a mortal wound, felt that they were perishing, but could not stop, any more than the Russian army, weaker by one half, could help swerving. By impetus gained, the French army was still able to roll forward to Moscow, but there, without further effort on the part of the Russians, it had to perish, bleeding from the mortal wound it had received at Borodino.
He said the university needed ever so much more money this year than the state was willing to furnish; and that it must come from wealthy personages who could not but be offended by the swerving of the university from its high ideal of the passionless pursuit of passionless intelligence.
Nevertheless while swerving to avoid this stroke, Robin was poising for his own, and back came he forthwith--whack!
A delivery driver has been jailed for 10 months after swerving across lanes and crashing into vehicles on the M6 in the West Midlands.
Matthew Mitchell was seen swerving across the lanes while behind the wheel of his white Nissan NV200 van on the A96 Huntly-Inverurie road at Pitmachie on Friday December 28.
Paisley Sheriff Court heard McAllister had been swerving over the road prior to ploughing into the Fiesta at Glasgow Road in Barrhead on December 1 last year.
Lane swerving can also be caused by rushed manoeuvers such as taking an exit too late and changing lanes abruptly.
Out of three scenarios, swerving into the back of a parked lorry, endangering the passenger's life, was chosen by 59 per cent of respondents.
Mr Jones described the Mini swerving out of the way and believes it was miraculous no-one was hurt in the crash.
Sam Barton said: "Cars swerving all over but they carried on in a straight line as if all the other vehicles were wrong.
Daryll Ogilvie was pulled over by police after being observed in March swerving across roads and driving over a roundabout.
The impact of the swerving truck was so great that it hurled the parked truck 17 meters.