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v. swilled, swill·ing, swills
a. To drink greedily or grossly: "Unshaven horsemen swill the great wines of the Chateaux" (W.H. Auden).
b. To follow the ingestion of (food, for example) with the ingestion of a liquid: swilled down the pretzels with soda.
a. To flood with water, as for washing or rinsing: swilled out the glass.
b. To swirl (a liquid) around in a container or in one's mouth: swilled the wine in the glass before sniffing.
3. To feed (animals) with swill.
To drink greedily or to excess.
1. A mixture of liquid and solid food, such as table scraps, fed to animals, especially pigs; slop.
2. Liquor or other alcohol of poor quality: I won't drink this swill.
3. A swig or gulp of a drink.

[Middle English swilen, to wash out, from Old English swilian; see swel- in Indo-European roots.]

swill′er n.
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Ari Swiller, president of Renewable Resources Group, said that there will be no changes to operations, personnel or senior management at Bakersfield, Calif.
They have been fundamental in achieving sustained competitive advantage in several key product areas, including Pampers diapers, Always feminine pads, Swiller cleaning products, and Glad ForceFlex trash bags.
To wit: When I went to an elegant stand-up cocktail party in the San Remo building some weeks ago, I was moved to enact for a fellow swiller of white wine a bit of Zumba choreography that I think of as the Disco Pony.
Her loving old maid became angry at the little mistress and called her a "wine swiller.
Then some holy mechanism: induction flume, coins flipped on the pallor-drench, offal, caulk, and wire sucked into the architectonic swiller.
Growth was driven by initiative activity such as Gillette Fusion, Pantene brand restage, Olay Definity and Regenerist, Dolce & Gabbana The One fragrance, Always Clean, Tide Simple Pleasures, Gain Joyful Expressions, Swiller upgrade and Pampers Caterpillar Flex.
The three letters of recommendation will only tell you whether or not I am a collegial kowtow swiller of approved canon.
Swiller, an internist and psychiatrist who ministers to his patients in their homes.
Burkle, who relies on the political savvy of Ari Swiller, is proof that you don't have to be a celeb to have your own political handler.
Swiller at the Democratic National Committee, and attempting to repress my delight in Dickensian names.
Instead of treating him as an egoist, a swiller of rum and an incredible bore who ignored everyone around him.
Barbie," recited the chief sewer swiller, clutching his list.