swimming kick

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Noun1.swimming kick - a movement of the legs in swimmingswimming kick - a movement of the legs in swimming  
kicking, kick - a rhythmic thrusting movement of the legs as in swimming or calisthenics; "the kick must be synchronized with the arm movements"; "the swimmer's kicking left a wake behind him"
swimming stroke - a method of moving the arms and legs to push against the water and propel the swimmer forward
flutter kick - a swimming kick; the legs are moved rapidly up and down without bending the knees
frog kick - a swimming kick; knees are drawn upward and outward so the legs can be brought together when fully extended
dolphin kick - a swimming kick; an up and down kick of the feet together
scissors kick - a kick used in the sidestroke; legs are brought together in a scissoring motion
thrash - a swimming kick used while treading water
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Combining his time as a Glasgow 2014 poster boy with training at the impressive facility at Bath University is a labour of love for Jamieson and he's determined to get Scotland off the blocks when swimming kicks off on day one of the games.