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An acute infectious disease of domesticated swine caused by a virus and characterized by skin lesions.


1. (Veterinary Science) Also called: variola porcina an acute infectious viral disease of pigs characterized by skin eruptions
2. (Pathology) a form of chickenpox in which the skin eruptions are not pitted



a mild pox disease of swine, caused by a virus related to that of cowpox.
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fowlpox, canarypox, pigeonpox, penguinpox, quailpox (44), swinepox, sheeppox, goatpox, leporipoxviruses, and parapoxviruses exist (20,45).
These poxviruses include the following genera and examples: Avipoxvirus (fowlpox); Capripoxvirus (sheep pox, goatpox, and bovine lumpy skin disease); Suipoxvirus (swinepox); and Parapoxvirus (pseudocowpox).
This comprehensive study of the health of the nation throughout our history is a morbidly fascinating book, which even though dry and academic, allows the reader to dip in and out discovering a little bit about measles here and a little about swinepox there, and of course there are a few gruesome pictures as well.