swing across


w>swing across

vihinüberschwingen; (hand-over-hand) → sich hinüberhangeln; (+prep obj) → schwingen über (+acc); (+prep obj, person, animal) → sich schwingen über (+acc); (hand-over-hand) → sich hangeln über (+acc)
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It was due to release today and promotions had been in full swing across India and in cinema houses here in Pakistan alike.
With festive fervour in the air ahead of Christmas, preparations are in full swing across various pockets of the country, ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Monday.
Preparations are on in full swing across Haryana for the earthquake mock exercise to be held on December 21, 2017 across the State.
He said promotion of education was in full swing across the province under the 'Parho Punjab, Barho Punjab Programme' of the Punjab government.
ABBOTTABAD -- Secretary Environment Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Syed Nazar Hussain Shah Monday said the provincial government's billion tree tsunami campaign is in full swing across the province to protect the environment.
MIRPUR -- The monsoon tree plantation drive is in full swing across Azad Jammu Kashmir.
CONFERENCE season is in full swing across the country and we held our own conference recently - the Wales Farm Conference.
We used to walk over the bridge near Naylors in the Dale and through the tunnel; we used to walk over the pipes across the stream in the woods and make swings from trees at a ridiculous height and swing across ridiculous drops; we used to play in the quarry by the Sov - nobody died.
Players are able to both run vertically on any wall and use pipes to swing across gaps and around corners.
That would have been a PS10 million swing across the industry.
A PLAYGROUND investment is in full swing across one county.
Expect to climb over walls, scramble through tyres, crawl through muddy pits, balance over water, swing across monkey bars, wade through streams and crawl under nets.