swing back


w>swing back

vizurückschwingen; (opinion)zurückschlagen
vt sepzurückschwingen; opinionzurückschlagen lassen
References in classic literature ?
As the visitors entered the enclosure the Wizard let the door swing back into place, and at once the line of soldiers tumbled over, fell flat upon their backs, and lay fluttering upon the ground.
28 (ANI): Indian pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar on Saturday praised bowling coach Bharat Arun, saying he is great at man management and strategies and that he had helped a lot in getting the former's swing back on track.
I have no idea if the momentum will swing back to me, but we still have six races left.
But RICS said this was unlikely to signal the start of a more affordable market - and, in the longer term, with the supply of homes still tight, prices were predicted to swing back upwards.
In order to properly perform services Employer requires: 1) having at least 6 buses, equipped with: - at least 55 passenger seats, - swing back seats with headrests - efficient air conditioning - heater - safety belts for all passenger.
The worst is over and you swing back into action when a friend or relative clues you into ways of making money (and hanging on to it).
But as the Republicans who languished under decades of Democratic rule can tell you, the pendulum has a tendency to swing back.
A witness stated the winds prior to the accident were gusty, and throughout the day he observed the windsock swing back and forth between the runway heading and an angle perpendicular to the runway.
3 : to throw or swing back and forth or up and down <Waves tossed the ship about.
If you forget to engage the locking pin, the seat will swing back and forth against the stop bracket.
IAN POULTER will swing back into action in Japan today with a driver snatched from a golf club showcase.
Standard features include: automatic core glue, automatic tail glue, doctor blade glue wheels, PLC control, automatic swing back core stop, fast operator learning curve, and there are no mechanical press connections required.