swing round


w>swing (a)round

vi (person)sich umdrehen, herumfahren (inf); (car, ship, plane, crane)herumschwenken; (needle)ausschlagen; (fig: voters, opinion) → umschwenken
vt sepherumschwenken; votersumstimmen; opinionumschlagen lassen
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References in classic literature ?
But I mean dead ones, to swing round your head with a string."
Q Motorbikes aren't clocked because their plates are on the back: "I only need to swing round, look out of the front window and write it down."
"His leg looked broken - it could fully swing round. It wasn't nice to watch at all.
The white ball doesn't always swing round, and we have to find other ways of getting the batsmen out and restricting their runs.
If you take the trade track from the Cluanie you can pass under the mountain and then swing round on to its east ridge with a good path to the summit.
From the off seeing them swing round on giant push-button bucket seats as the series began was more than a little uncomfy.
"He had a nice swing round over two miles and he has come back bouncing.
But the 28-year-old is not taking it for granted that he will once again be able to get the ball to swing round corners, as England seek to follow up Lord's victory by doubling their series lead here against the world's No 1-ranked Test team.
"After the weekend it will get cooler as the winds swing round to the north." The forecast improvement in the weather came just two weeks after families in Birmingham had to dig out their coats again as a blast of wintry weather briefly returned.
Apparently they were driving in the slow lane of the M1 when this man decided to swing round on the hard shoulder.
The lack of bulk means it's real fun to swing round bends in or out of Town though the Swift does feel a little flimsy and nervous when driven too aggressively.
Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis were making the ball swing round corners - as they could - and Robinson was keeping a very close eye on proceedings.