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1. A sweeping blow or stroke.
2. The passing of a swipe card through an electronic reader.
3. Informal A critical remark.
4. A lever, especially one that raises the bucket in a well.
v. swiped, swip·ing, swipes
1. To hit with a sweeping motion.
2. To pass (a swipe card) through an electronic reader.
3. Informal To steal; filch. See Synonyms at steal.
To make a sweeping stroke.

[Perhaps variant of sweep.]
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pl n
(Brewing) slang Brit beer, esp when poor or weak
[C18: probably related to sweep]
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n. Brit. Informal.
beer, esp. watery or spoiled beer.
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'it's been as dull as swipes. You ought to stand something handsome, Fagin, to recompense me for keeping house so long.
We must make great safe places down deep, and get all the books we can; not novels and poetry swipes, but ideas, science books.
I got dis can fer dat ol' woman an' it 'ud be dirt teh swipe it.
"Where'd you swipe the old tub?" asked a squat and hairy man, with cruel eyes and Mexican features.
"Didn't swipe it," Nicholas answered, meeting them on their own ground and encouraging the idea that we had stolen the Coal Tar Maggie.
gather grapes and roses at one swipe. This girl gazed with large blue eyes, credulous, when the megaphone man roared his doctrine that millionaires were things about which we should be concerned.
He did it through the bars, with one swipe, when I was startin' to clean his cage.
When I loosed him he gave my hand a pitiful swipe with his little red tongue.
Summary: Multiple unsuccessful swipes will lead to frozen funds
Researchers from the University of South Carolina and Zhejiang University in China developed an age-detecting algorithm that is 84 per cent accurate with just one swipe on the screen-a figure that goes up to 97 per cent after eight swipes, MIT technology review reported.