switch back

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w>switch back

vi (to original plan, product, allegiance etc) → zum Alten zurückkehren, auf das Alte zurückgreifen; (Elec, Rad, TV) → zurückschalten (to zu)
vt sep heater, cookerzurückschalten (→ to auf +acc); to switch the light back ondas Licht wieder anschalten
References in classic literature ?
I will do the rest, and then, when I am gone, you may come and throw the great switch back into its place, and all will be as before.
He didn't seem, on second thoughts, to feel that this was quite such a brainy scheme as he had at first, and it wasn't long before he came trotting back to tear up this second will and switch back to the first one--the one leaving the money to the niece.
Kohli said that it was not difficult for him to switch back to cricket after his marriage as the sport lies in his blood.
For the 5 months after the switch back to the DWA, the percentage of elevated BLLs dropped to 1.
Thanks to the social media uproar regarding this upgrade, du announced that you can call after September 1 to switch back to your old package.
According to the report, users can still switch back to the old way of writing emails with just a few clicks.
We have to switch back on because we want another win.
Summary: PARIS/NEW YORK - Europe's Airbus is considering whether to drop lithium-ion, or Li-ion, batteries and switch back to traditional ones on its A350 passenger jet as investigators probe Boeing 787 safety incidents, several people familiar with the matter said.
23(Petra)- Jordan will switch back to summertime (daylight saving time) on Friday, March 27, according to a communiqu issued by Prime Minister Samir Rifai on March 23.
If I had lived in Australia for a few years, I'd probably be speaking like the natives and be able to switch back to Scottish if I wanted to.
The Mounties also were successful as an 11-man program the past 20 years, but winless seasons in 2004 and 2005 and decreasing participation prompted them to switch back to the Eight-man game, which started with Saturday's 55-0 victory at All Tribes American Indian Charter of Valley Center, near Escondido.
Unfortunately, some crewmen forget to move the switch back to SUMMER when the temperatures go back up.