switch back

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w>switch back

vi (to original plan, product, allegiance etc) → zum Alten zurückkehren, auf das Alte zurückgreifen; (Elec, Rad, TV) → zurückschalten (to zu)
vt sep heater, cookerzurückschalten (→ to auf +acc); to switch the light back ondas Licht wieder anschalten
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I will do the rest, and then, when I am gone, you may come and throw the great switch back into its place, and all will be as before.
'He didn't seem, on second thoughts, to feel that this was quite such a brainy scheme as he had at first, and it wasn't long before he came trotting back to tear up this second will and switch back to the first one--the one leaving the money to the niece.
The new app will replace the current My Office tool and will put all your Office suite applications in one place, allowing you to switch back and forth depending on your need.
They can switch back to top tweets at any time by clicking the sparkle icon and selecting the same button.
RAWALPINDI -- After an overwhelming majority of the police disliked their new olive green uniform, the provincial government has decided to switch back to the old uniform from the next financial year but with minor changes.
Kohli said that it was not difficult for him to switch back to cricket after his marriage as the sport lies in his blood.
Our data suggests that using chemicals to switch back on the major class of genes that are switched off as we age might provide a means to restore function to old cells."
Shutting down MACBA, switch back tails and maybe even Tiago Lemos
For the 5 months after the switch back to the DWA, the percentage of elevated BLLs dropped to 1.4% (aOR, 0.75).
Switch back to the old app and it'll be the same as before.
O'Brien watched the Denver game, fast-forwarding between snaps, long enough so that he could switch back to the Sox and not catch up to live action as quickly.
Thanks to the social media uproar regarding this upgrade, du announced that you can call after September 1 to switch back to your old package.