switch grass

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switch′ grass`

a North American grass, Panicum virgatum, having an open, branching inflorescence.
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Noun1.switch grass - grass of western America used for hayswitch grass - grass of western America used for hay
panic grass - any grass of the genus Panicum; grown for grain and fodder
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Hodkinson et Renvoize; Hodkinson and Renvoize 2001) and switch grass improves soil physical properties, maintains biomass productivity, reduces risks of erosion and runoff, increases soil water retention, improves aggregate stability and sequesters SOC (Arshad and Martin 2002; Barthes and Roose 2002; Ghosh et al.
The hunting was fast-paced and lively (and can be for you as well, if you so choose on these 500 acres of corn, switch grass and sorghum).
These pellets are generally derived from various sources including the timber industry, sawdust, sugarcane crop, woody plants, and switch grass or miscanthus.
The department has said, for example, that it has no authority over a new herbicide-resistant canola, or over a corn that would create less pollution from livestock waste, or switch grass tailored for biofuel production, or an ornamental plant that glows in the dark.
If you grow switch grass, fountain grass or Calamagrostis spp.
In addition, several grasses and ground covers will be sold, including muhly grass, switch grass, fountain grass, maiden grass, liriope, mondo grass, ajuga and vinca.
to date, the study committee found much greater potential in bio fuels made from lignocellulosic biomass-which includes crop residues like wheat straw, switch grass, whole trees, and wood waste.
Danisco developed a range of catalysts that could be used on a range of materials from switch grass, which is quite cellulosic, to soya which has got high sugars.
They discuss why large-scale production of liquid biofuel is impractical for a growing world population and demand for liquid fuels, whether it is a viable option based on the characteristics of the local environment (geomorphology, climate, natural heritage, and availability of marginal land use), and the use of switch grass for ethanol.
The requirement for cellulosic biofuel, which is made from sources like wood chips and switch grass, has been reduced repeatedly by EPA, as financial and technological hurdles have delayed large-scale production of the fuel.
Mixes of native seeds included warm-season grasses such as big bluestem, Indian grass, little bluestem, and switch grass.
As the sun came up on the second day of the hunt, Nick had tucked himself into a small piece of timber that had a picked cornfield on one side and tall switch grass on the other side.