switch off

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a. An exchange or a swap, especially one done secretly.
b. A transference or shift, as of opinion or attention.
a. A device used to break or open an electric circuit or to divert current from one conductor to another.
b. A device consisting of two sections of railroad track and accompanying apparatus used to transfer rolling stock from one track to another.
a. A slender flexible rod, stick, or twig, especially one used for whipping.
b. The bushy tip of the tail of certain animals: a cow's switch.
c. A thick strand of real or synthetic hair used as part of a coiffure.
d. A flailing or lashing, as with a slender rod: gave the ox a switch.
v. switched, switch·ing, switch·es
a. To exchange: asked her brother to switch seats with her.
b. To shift, transfer, or divert: switched the conversation to a lighter subject.
a. To connect, disconnect, or divert (an electric current) by operating a switch.
b. To cause (an electric current or appliance) to begin or cease operation: switched the lights on and off.
c. Informal To produce as if by operating a control. Often used with on: switched on the charm.
3. To move (rolling stock) from one track to another; shunt.
a. To whip with a switch, especially in punishing a child.
b. To jerk or swish abruptly or sharply: a cat switching its tail.
1. To make or undergo a shift or an exchange: The office has switched to shorter summer hours.
2. To swish sharply from side to side.
Phrasal Verb:
switch off Informal
To stop paying attention; lose interest.

[Probably of Low German or Flemish origin.]

switch′a·ble adj.
switch′er n.

switch off

vb (adverb)
1. to cause (a device) to stop operating by or as if by moving a switch, knob, or lever; turn off
2. informal to cease to interest or be interested; make or become bored, alienated, etc
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Verb1.switch off - cause to stop operating by disengaging a switchswitch off - cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch; "Turn off the stereo, please"; "cut the engine"; "turn out the lights"
kill - cause to cease operating; "kill the engine"
flip, switch, throw - cause to go on or to be engaged or set in operation; "switch on the light"; "throw the lever"
switch on, turn on - cause to operate by flipping a switch; "switch on the light"; "turn on the stereo"
kytkeä pois päältäsammuttaa
stänga av
ปิดไฟ, ปิดสวิตช์

w>switch off

vt sep
lightausschalten; radio, TVaus- or abschalten; machine, engineabschalten; gas, water supplyabstellen; the oven switches itself offder Backofen schaltet sich selbsttätig ab or aus
(inf) (can’t somebody) switch him off for goodness’ sake! (inf)kann den denn niemand abstellen, um Himmels willen
(light)ausschalten; (radio, TV also, machine, engine)abschalten; (gas, water supply)abstellen
(inf: person) → abschalten; the TV won’t switch offder Fernseher lässt sich nicht aus- or abschalten

switch off

يَقْطَعُ التَّيَّارَ vypnout slukke ausschalten σβήνω apagar kytkeä pois päältä éteindre isključiti spegnere 切る 끄다 uitschakelen slå av wyłączyć desligar выключать stänga av ปิดไฟ, ปิดสวิตช์ kapatmak tắt 关电源
References in classic literature ?
We had all intended to go by diligence to Damascus, and switch off to Baalbec as we went along--because we expected to rejoin the ship, go to Mount Carmel, and take to the woods from there.
Eliza tries to control herself and feel indifferent as she rises and walks across to the hearth to switch off the lights.
However, Media Owners Association chairman Hanningtone Gaya justified the switch off, saying it is for the country's good.
Summary: Switch off your smart phones and switch on your senses
MAURICIO POCHETTINO has confessed he is a 24/7 boss, who drives his wife crazy because he can't switch off from football.
Norway is going ahead with its controversial decision to switch off its FM radio network next week, making it the first country to go digital.
We're hoping people will film their pledge and post the video on social media so we'll be able to see the lights switch off right across the region.
THE decision to switch off traffic light cameras to save cash has resulted in a virtual carte blanche for danger drivers - with an alarming 80 per cent reduction in motorists prosecuted for jumping the lights.
The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) areas in the Northern Cape will be the first to switch off the analogue signal.
A family event was organised by ESO on March 19 at Muscat Hills Golf & Country Club before everyone went home to switch off their lights.
Will you switch off the lights at 8:30 pm on Saturday to mark Earth Hour, I asked.
These lights switch on at normal times at dusk but switch off around midnight, they then switch back on around 5am and remain on until dawn.