switch round


w>switch (a)round

vt sep (= swap round)vertauschen; (= rearrange)umstellen
vi = switch VI a
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The switch round the M25 is unlikely to stop Alan King's gelding, but no one is going to get too rich too quickly backing him at expected prohibitive odds.
In the final quarter, Coatham made a switch round between GA Kay Daniels and Emma Barraclough WA, which made a big difference in how the ball flowed into the goal third for Coatham.
His half-length defeat to Annacotty on his latest visit to Prestbury Park will have been particularly heartbreaking for his connections, for as well as making a crucial mistake three fences from the finish, he also slipped early in the race and may well have won anyway had he not had to switch round horses on the run-in.
The main unit, and two satellite lamps which each come with a five metre length of cord and an on/off switch round out the display.
Our prediction is that, in order to built the integrated model, participants will prefer to switch round the terms of premises (first strategy) for one-line presentation, and to reverse (or renew) the order of the premises (second strategy) for two-line presentation.
Ryan [Moore, on Western Aristocrat] had me boxed in which meant I had to switch round and I lost a bit of momentum but I got there in plenty of time," he said.
"I got myself stopped two out - she wasn't going forward for me - so as a last resort I decided to switch round to the outside and that's what won me the race," added the jockey, whose mount is now set for the Yorkshire Oaks at next month's Ebor festival.
The winner, Music Show, is right beside us, but she gets a clear run through, while we get blocked and have to switch round horses.
He even said it with a straight face but if Jimmy Fortune had not had to switch round the field to deliver his challenge his quote would've been tested to the very limit.
Saints had a switch round at the start of the second half.
My architect draws up the plans and then I spend three weeks or so studying them before deciding which walls I will knock down and which rooms I will switch round."