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n. pl. switch·er·oos Slang
An unexpected variation or reversal.

[Alteration of switch.]


slang US a surprising or unexpected change or variation
[C20: from switch]


(ˌswɪtʃ əˈru)

n. Slang.
a sudden change or reversal.
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Noun1.switcheroo - a sudden unexpected switch
switching, shift, switch - the act of changing one thing or position for another; "his switch on abortion cost him the election"


n (esp US inf) → Kehrtwendung f; to pull a switcherooeine Kehrtwendung machen
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The recent success of actors like Joross Gamboa and Edgar Allan Guzman in gay film romps like 'Deadma Walking' has reminded us of past big-screen swish and switcheroos that have similarly tickled moviegoers' fey fancy through the decades.
It is the amazing story of how the most powerful sports apparel company in the world, Nike, let the most electric player in the NBA, Stephen Curry, out of its grasp --and allowed Under Armour to pull off one of the most valuable marketing switcheroos in history.
The Board of County Commissioners and the sheriff solemnly promised there would be no budgetary switcheroos, with proceeds from the levy freeing up general-fund money for other uses, and the audit provided a means of checking to see whether they had kept their word.
pedestals, and together describe a near set of material, ideational, and emotional switcheroos.