Characterized by an exaggerated swinging movement of the hips.
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However, when it segued into the version everyone's dad has drunkenly swivel-hipped to at every wedding reception since 1972, the place went mad.
Swivel-hipped Jay, who was partnered on Hunted by Wanted bandmate Siva Kaneswaran, reckons his moves impressed as much as when he won Strictly in 2015 alongside Aliona Vilani.
Hulk went on a swivel-hipped move, but could not prevent extra-time as his shot was saved by a diving Bravo.
The Hollywood Reporter: And we learned that even as dizzyingly talented, dynamically swivel-hipped a performer as Bruno Mars can be made to look a little -- how to put this -- wedding band-ish, if the stagecraft framing him is a confinement, not an amplification.
There was no peer pressure, no preplanned, premeditated assault - she spotted the grotto and hit the gap like a youthful Ryan Giggs terrorising a full-back or, more pertinently, a swivel-hipped Barry John in his prime weaving through startled shoppers who parted with biblical haste.
A band named for a little red fruit wanted to go all the way, Neil Young serenaded an Old Man and a swivel-hipped phenom could feel his temperature burnin'.
It was a form of experimentalism that, in clashing with the somewhat staid landscape painting preferred by the then in-vogue Welsh environmentalism movement, Dr Ceri Thomas from the University Glamorgan compared to the arrival of Elvis's swivel-hipped brand of rock and roll on the music world.
Shammi Kapoor, who died on Sunday aged 79, was India's Elvis Presley, a gyrating, swivel-hipped actor who revitalized Bollywood's song-and-dance sequences with a modern, racy style.
Apart from his famous swivel-hipped shuffle, name one other unforgettable moment from Cruyff's career?
Reduced to receiving sexual gratification from a swivel-hipped young hooker, his last seven days before retirement are set to feel like another decade tagged on.
Its action-packed World Cup ad hails swivel-hipped penalty-box pensioner Roger Milla as the godfather of 'wacky' scoring stunts, having tangoed with the corner flag when Cameroon stuffed Colombia in 1990.
Edith myself was a tribute to the all-American independence provided by Mary McGrory of The Washington Star, who neatly took out the last apparition with a swivel-hipped feint and an astonished "My God, I think that was Oscar Wilde