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There had been a confusion between one patient, who needed a blood coagulation evacuated and another patient, who just required solution for a swollen head, according to reports.
For Cade Huckabay, it took a swollen head for him to realize that protecting your skin from the sun is no joke, Yahoo News reports.
In an emotional interview as she recovers at a family home in Kent, she admitted she is haunted by fears of how her face will look, after a child was left in tears at seeing her "hideous" swollen head.
Meanwhile, to try and escape the fallout from Jac and Jonny's acrimonious custody battle, Mo has moved to AAU where she's treating a DJ with a swollen head.
A domestic duck (Anas domesticus) kept as a pet in the rural region of Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was found recumbent, with a swollen head and neck.
Mayawati toed the same line but fortunately, young Akhilesh doesn't carry a swollen head and is open to suggestions.
One of the victims suffered a broken nose and badly swollen head wound.
Deer with the disease may have a swollen head, neck or brisket, and may exhibit excessive drooling, nasal discharge or respiratory distress.
Nobody can afford to consider himself bigger than the game and move around with a swollen head and collars up," the government nominee on the selection committee said.
Swollen Head Syndrome in chickens: a preliminary report on the isolation of a possible etiological agent.
A swollen head, underdeveloped muscles and hairlessness, astrobiologist Dr Lewis Dartnell from University College London claims.