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Noun1.Sword stick - a cane concealing a sword or daggersword stick - a cane concealing a sword or dagger
cane - a stick that people can lean on to help them walk
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Gang leader Reece O'Shaughnessy, 19 - who was armed with a two-foot sword stick - was given life with a minimum of 18 years for Sean's murder.
Especially since he usually wore a voluminous cape and crumpled hat, while brandishing a sword stick.
We had a copper piping containing a sword stick in the shape of a walking stick.
Elektra uses two funny little sword stick things, called sais.
Sean, 19, was chased into the back room of a launderette by the "Laneheads" gang and stabbed with an 18-inch sword stick.
WATCHING the ITV antiques show Dickinson's Real Deal last week, I was shocked to see a dealer being offer a sword stick.
She also said he had a collection of similar artefacts including a large knife in a sheath and a sword stick picked up at car boot sales.
Sean McHugh was cornered in a laundrette and murdered by young thugs brandishing a knife and a 2ft sword stick - just for daring to enter "their" postcode.
Carter's arms stash included three daggers, a shotgun, five pistols, a deactivated hand grenade and a sword stick.
The victim, known as Shorty, was chased into the building and stabbed in the leg with a disguised sword stick, severing his femoral artery.
A lady brought in an innocent-looking silver-topped cane that turned into a lethal sword stick.
The 19-year-old died in October, 2013, four days after suffering a stab wound from a sword stick at an Anfield launderette.