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1. Devoted to or marked by pleasure and luxury.
2. Sybaritic Of or relating to Sybaris or its people.

syb′a·rit′i·cal·ly adv.


1. (Placename) of or relating to the ancient Greek colony of Sybaris or its inhabitants
2. (Peoples) of or relating to the ancient Greek colony of Sybaris or its inhabitants
3. (Historical Terms) of or relating to the ancient Greek colony of Sybaris or its inhabitants


(ˌsɪb əˈrɪt ɪk)

also Syb`a•rit′i•cal,

1. (usu. l.c.) pertaining to or characteristic of a sybarite.
2. of or pertaining to Sybaris or its residents.
Syb`a•rit′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.sybaritic - displaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses; "an epicurean banquet"; "enjoyed a luxurious suite with a crystal chandelier and thick oriental rugs"; "Lucullus spent the remainder of his days in voluptuous magnificence"; "a chinchilla robe of sybaritic lavishness"
indulgent - characterized by or given to yielding to the wishes of someone ; "indulgent grandparents"


adjective pleasure-loving, self-indulgent, hedonistic, champagne, luxurious, sensual, voluptuous, epicurean, bacchanalian, luxury-loving, Lucullan They have always lived a very sybaritic life.


Characterized by or devoted to pleasure and luxury as a lifestyle:


[ˌsɪbəˈrɪtɪk] ADJsibarita, sibarítico


adj (form) persongenusssüchtig; way of lifeschwelgerisch
References in classic literature ?
It was at this point that he definitely condemned Simeon Stylites as a sybaritic fraud.
In addition, to his humility attribute which does not allow him to bluff, boast and brag about any achievement, 'Able Abel', as fondly called by some of his friends, is a pleasant personality who is not given to a sybaritic lifestyle.
Tasked with leading viewers through what becomes an increasingly bizarre and labyrinthine adventure, Damons Everyman is a capable, if sometimes bemused, guide, bringing his best self to bear when he falls in with a sybaritic neighbor named Dusan (Christoph Waltz), a South Asian domestic worker named Tran (Hong Chau) and, eventually, a polyglot cast of characters who embody a human race thats just as chaotic, pluralistic, tragic and inspiring at five inches tall as it is at five feet.
The putsch was orchestrated by the former vice-president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who had been heir-apparent until this month, when he was knocked aside by Mugabe's sybaritic wife, Grace.
She's responsible for treating the 52-year-old resort, once a sybaritic wonderland for such icons as Bing Crosby and Sophia Loren, to a sleek modern-day reboot, meticulously selecting everything from the updated maids' uniforms (taking cues from a Yves Saint Laurent collection) to Il Pellicano's seductive soundtrack, a dreamy blend of Devendra Banhart, Sufjan Stevens, and Feist.
Lush landscapes and romantic settings have spawned sybaritic spas and romantic retreats in all three towns.
But I suppose precisely because I have lived a life largely filled with sybaritic ease I am conscious of the harrowing circumstances in which some people live their lives.
Not long after our group was seated, restaurant manager Damien Planchenault began pouring a magnum bottle of Ruinart champagne into our glasses, marking the beginning of a sybaritic night of exquisite wines and divine cuisine.
Medixsysteme, Philips Healthcare, PS Advanced Engineering, Sybaritic, Inc.
His first Korean-language fiction feature since 2009's "Thirst," it is sybaritic, cruel, and luridly mesmerizing.
This totally pointless sybaritic family cost taxpayers PS330 million per annum, with numerous palaces, servants and general hangers on.
Though voiced by Ulliel, the elder YSL is embodied by a different actor altogether: the felicitously cast Helmut Berger, sybaritic superstar of 1960s and '70s Euro-cinema.