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(ˈsəɪbɪ; ˈsaɪ-; -bo) ,




n, pl syboes or sybows
(Cookery) Scot a spring onion
[C16: from cibol, from French ciboule, from Latin cepulla onion bed, from cepa onion]
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The proximate composition of fortified "ori -ese" blends (SO, SYBO, MO, WO and WSYO) are shown in Table 4.
Some of this work, including Sybo Schouten's (1979) analyses of ESP experiences and my own work with OBEs (Alvarado & Zingrone, 1998-99), shows the further complexity of the experiences by documenting the interaction of its features with other features and with external variables.
More recently, re-analyses of spontaneous ESP cases collected by Sybo Schouten (1979, 1981, 1982) have also shown that dreams have more details related to the ESP message than do waking experiences.
"Psychic Healing and Complementary Medicine" by Sybo A.
Comments on an earlier draft of the present paper by Sybo Schouten caused me to realize that this RFH effect could account for at least part of the MB effect.
In Experiments IV-X, the precognition targets were generated by the Computer Centre of the University of Iceland; in the first three experiments, Sybo A.
Finally, Sybo Schouten remarks on the paucity of positive results in statistical studies of mediums or psychics who give "readings" for clients.
In the discussion following Broughton's paper, Sybo Schouten notes that in spontaneous cases psi often seems to involve the communication of events happening to another person, rather than only those serving the needs of the individual self.