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A stableman or groom, especially in India.

[Hindi sā'is, from Arabic, active participle of sāsa, to tend, manage, perhaps denominative from *sūs, horse, Hebrew sûs.]


(saɪs) ,




1. (Historical Terms) (formerly, in India) a servant employed to look after horses, drive carriages, etc
2. (in Malaysia) a driver or chauffeur
[C17: from Urdu sā'is, from Arabic, from sāsa to administer]


or saice


(in India) a groom; stable attendant.
[1645–55; < Urdu sā'is < Arabic]
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Tenders are invited for hiring of syces on contract basis for 2 rv sqn ghudda of ncc
Every member of the paltan was aware of this--dandia-wallahs, naach-girls, bangyburdars, syces, mess-consummers, berry-wallahs, bhisties--but none more so than Havildar Kesri Singh, whose face served as the battalion's figurehead when he rode at the head of the column.
I think of my stable in Kenya, of the feed bills to come, of the syces to be paid of the races that are yet to be won if I am to survive in this unpredictable business.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Toilet Blocks For Syces At Stables And Repair And Renovation Of 2 Nos Toilets For Probationers And V.