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Noun1.syllabic script - a writing system whose characters represent syllablessyllabic script - a writing system whose characters represent syllables
script - a particular orthography or writing system
Devanagari, Devanagari script, Nagari, Nagari script - a syllabic script used in writing Sanskrit and Hindi
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So far, she added, the embassy has supported the conservation of the Guiuan church in Eastern Samar and the San Sebastian Church in Manila, as well as the documentation of the Tabon Cave Complex archaeological site in Palawan, and the documentation of the Ifugao oral traditions and the ancient syllabic script of the Mangyan of Mindoro Oriental among others.
6.168-69 incorporates a "dim memory, preserved in the poetic tradition, of the Mycenaean syllabic script." (6)
James Evans--an English-born immigrant-turned-missionary--inaugurated Canadian type design by developing an indigenous syllabic script for two closely related Algonquian languages, Ojibwa and Cree.
From the fifth century we can follow the city's fortunes more clearly, and in the fourth the volume rightly includes testimonia and inscriptions, several of them bilinguals in Phoenician and Cypriot-Greek syllabic script, from Idalion, which was then its dependency; one of the volume's strengths is its careful consideration of Kition's territorial boundaries at different times (though why Kittim because the Hebrew designation for all Westerners, when it was so heavily Phoenician, remains obscure).
Assisted by linguists from the Summer Institute of Linguistics, their projects have included compilation of the Naskapi lexicon as the standard reference for orthography; documentation of Naskapi grammar; audiotaping of legends and oral history with a view to their eventual publication in Naskapi, French, and English; development of a system for keyboarding the Naskapi syllabic script; training for prospective Naskapi newspaper editors and radio announcers; translation of the Bible into Naskapi; and development of school curricula in Naskapi, beginning with preschool and first-grade materials.
The second half of the guidebook is a translation of the first half into Inuktitut, written in the eastern Arctic syllabic script.