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 (sĭ-lăb′ĭ-fī′) or syl·lab·i·cate (-kāt′)
tr.v. syl·lab·i·fied, syl·lab·i·fy·ing, syl·lab·i·fies or syl·lab·i·cat·ed or syl·lab·i·cat·ing or syl·lab·i·cates
To form or divide into syllables.

syl·lab′i·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən), syl·lab′i·ca′tion (-kā′shən) n.
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Noun1.syllabification - forming or dividing words into syllables
division - the act or process of dividing
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According to this principle it syllabifies the consonant maximally as the onset of the syllable because languages prefer the onset rather than coda.
Text underlay simply syllabifies words, indicating merely which notes are sung on which vowel(s), and which consonants and glides occupy the juncture moments "between" notes, as it were.
A medial cluster of two consonants is not broken up by epenthesis, as this can be split between two syllables without the need for a complex margin: where the first consonant syllabifies as a simple coda, and the second as a simple onset.