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also sil·van  (sĭl′vən)
1. Relating to or characteristic of woods or forest regions.
2. Located in or inhabiting a wood or forest.
3. Abounding in trees; wooded.
One that lives in or frequents the woods.

[Medieval Latin sylvānus, from Latin Silvānus, god of the woods, from silva, forest.]


(ˈsɪlvən) or


1. (Forestry) of, characteristic of, or consisting of woods or forests
2. (Forestry) Also: sylvestrian living or located in woods or forests
3. idyllically rural or rustic
(Classical Myth & Legend) an inhabitant of the woods, esp a spirit
[C16: from Latin silvānus, from silva forest]


or sil•van

(ˈsɪl vən)

1. of, pertaining to, or inhabiting the woods.
2. consisting of or abounding in woods or trees; wooded; woody.
3. made of trees, branches, boughs, etc.
[1555–65; < Latin sylvānus, sp. variant of silvānus=silv(a) forest + -ānus -an1]
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Noun1.sylvan - a spirit that lives in or frequents the woodssylvan - a spirit that lives in or frequents the woods
disembodied spirit, spirit - any incorporeal supernatural being that can become visible (or audible) to human beings
Adj.1.sylvan - relating to or characteristic of wooded regions; "a shady sylvan glade"
wooded - covered with growing trees and bushes etc; "wooded land"; "a heavily wooded tract"


[ˈsɪlvən] ADJsilvestre


[ˈsɪlvən] adj (literary)sylvestre


, silvan
adj (liter)Wald-; shadedes Waldes; surroundingswaldig; sylvan goddessWaldgöttin f
References in classic literature ?
During the long summer day, as his sheep cropped the good grass which the gods had made to grow for them, or lay with their forelegs doubled under their breasts and chewed the cud, Haita, reclining in the shadow of a tree, or sitting upon a rock, played so sweet music upon his reed pipe that sometimes from the corner of his eye he got accidental glimpses of the minor sylvan deities, leaning forward out of the copse to hear; but if he looked at them directly they vanished.
It was most lovely and pleasant in those sylvan solitudes in the early cool morning in the first freshness of autumn.
But being shy and retiring persons, with no natural inclination for their part, they lived as much as possible in the sylvan solitude of Skuytercliff, and when they came to town, declined all invitations on the plea of Mrs.
Thus, through an uninterrupted scene of sylvan pleasures, I spent the time until the 27th day of July following, when my brother, to my great felicity, met me, according to appointment, at our old camp.
It is beautiful--a mixture of sylvan loveliness and craggy wildness.
But presently this sylvan picture was rudely disturbed for him.
Behind him, shaggy and powerful, swung a huge anthropoid ape, while she, Meriem, laughing and shouting her welcome, swung upon a swaying limb before the entrance to her sylvan bower.
"No, I came to see you, in the first place, and to remind you of those habits of our earlier days, so delightful to remember, when we used to wander about together at Vincennes, and, sitting beneath an oak, or in some sylvan shade, used to talk of those we loved, and who loved us."
All this sylvan antiquity, however, though visible from The Slopes, was outside the immediate boundaries of the estate.
One Sunday they had all gone with a tea-basket into the forest, and when they came to a glade which was suitably sylvan, Miss Chalice, because it was idyllic, insisted on taking off her shoes and stockings.
She began to comprehend, also, that she was entirely contented sitting here by the side of this smiling giant eating delicious fruit in a sylvan paradise far within the remote depths of an African jungle--that she was contented and very happy.
Hard are the ways of truth, and rough to walk, Smooth on the tongue discoursed, pleasing to the ear, And tunable as sylvan pipe or song; What wonder, then, if I delight to hear Her dictates from thy mouth?