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 (sĭl′vīt′) also syl·vine (-vēn′) or syl·vin·ite (-vĭ-nīt′)
A colorless vitreous potassium chloride mineral, the major ore of potassium.

[Alteration of sylvine, from French, from New Latin (sāl dīgestīvus) Sylviī, (digestive salt) of Sylvius, probably after Franz de la Boë, or Franciscus Sylvius (1614-1672), German-born Dutch physician.]


(Minerals) mineralogy an ore containing sylvine
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Kore has already indicated high-grade sylvinite intersections at Dougou and says that there is exploration potential across the area.
In the central basin, the A-l unit reaches sylvite saturation, and sylvinite deposits are found and have been economically exploited in the past.
In an area less than 50 km from Pamplona, Highfield Resources is planning to open the Muga mine, which will extract potash from sylvinite beds in an 80-[km.
Drilling will target Area 1 located approximately 30 kilometres to the south of Brazil's only operating potash mine, Vale's Taquari-Vassouras underground sylvinite mine.
At the Boulby mine, boracite occurs within massive sylvinite ore in a variety of habits ranging from isolated single crystals to large nodules.
However, this resulted in the intersection of a thick sylvinite section within the evaporite sequence, leading to further exploration and eventually to a significant mine being developed east of Sussex.
2] for sylvinite (KCl plus NaCl), and 1 million [m.
The evaporite beds are mainly sylvinite (co-deposited sylvite and halite) with carnallite in places.
The 365km of Danakil property hosts three potash horizons, including sylvinite, carnallite and kainitite.
In addition to these projects, the company has targeted an increase in the extraction ratio of potash from the sylvinite ore.