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 (sĭl′vīt′) also syl·vine (-vēn′) or syl·vin·ite (-vĭ-nīt′)
A colorless vitreous potassium chloride mineral, the major ore of potassium.

[Alteration of sylvine, from French, from New Latin (sāl dīgestīvus) Sylviī, (digestive salt) of Sylvius, probably after Franz de la Boë, or Franciscus Sylvius (1614-1672), German-born Dutch physician.]
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(Minerals) mineralogy an ore containing sylvine
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(Alliance News) - Kore Potash PLC said Monday it has received a proposal from a French consortium of engineering companies to reduce the capital cost of the Kola sylvinite deposit by USD415 million.
In the central basin, the A-l unit reaches sylvite saturation, and sylvinite deposits are found and have been economically exploited in the past.
The Colluli Potash Project has a current JORC Compliant Measured, Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate comprised of 133.70Mt @ 17.55% KCl of Measured Resources, 343.33Mt @ 17.38% KCl of Indicated Resources and 87.37Mt @ 24.96% KCl of Inferred Resources for a total of 564.40Mt @ 18.60% KCl (total contained potash of 104.96Mt); This includes higher grade Sylvinite of 130.39Mt @ 27.02% KCl.
Drilling will target Area 1 located approximately 30 kilometres to the south of Brazil's only operating potash mine, Vale's Taquari-Vassouras underground sylvinite mine.
At the Boulby mine, boracite occurs within massive sylvinite ore in a variety of habits ranging from isolated single crystals to large nodules.
However, this resulted in the intersection of a thick sylvinite section within the evaporite sequence, leading to further exploration and eventually to a significant mine being developed east of Sussex.
These are divided into 1.16 million [m.sup.2] for halite, 3.36 million [m.sup.2] for sylvinite (KCl plus NaCl), and 1 million [m.sup.2] for lithium.
The evaporite beds are mainly sylvinite (co-deposited sylvite and halite) with carnallite in places.
Kore undertook the scoping study at Dougou to consider the viability of producing 400,000 tonnes per year of potash from a portion of the sylvinite.