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 (sĭm′bē-ōt′, -bī-)

[French, from Greek sumbiōtēs, companion, from sumbioun, to live together; see symbiosis.]
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Eddie Brock was the second host to the alien symbiote that would transform him into Venom.
In May, Hardy was announced to play the traditional 'Spider-Man' villain in Sony Picture's upcoming film focused around Eddie Brock, the first character to become the alien symbiote in the comic books.
In an incident with an extra-terrestrial symbiote that attaches on his body, Brock attains superpowers that become a threat to the world.
5VENOM VENOM is an extraterrestrial symbiote whose first host is Spider-Man, who manages to separate himself from the creature when he discovers its true nature.
He was offered the alien symbiote that made him the new Venom, and he attained a whole new level of respect from villains around him.
Now, the latest addition in connected car security comes with Red Balloon Security's Symbiote for Automotive Defense.
symbIoTe comes to evolve this fragmented environment and provides an abstraction layer for a unified control view on various IoT platforms and sensing/actuating resources.
Kenda Dean compares MTD to a parasitic symbiote that draws its life energy from a stronger host--in this case, historic Christian faith--but in the end corrupts and deforms the host beyond recognition.
TEAL'C: I would like to volunteer my lifeless body, and that of my symbiote, for your scientists to study.
Tobey Maguire is back as Peter Parker/Spidey, who finds himself up against all sorts of evil nasties - including himself, when he touches an alien symbiote which creates a black suit, with dark leanings, for him.
The anthology, covering seasons one through eight of Stargate SG-1 , is divided into two sections; "Part 1: The Host offers textual studies of the series itself, and the chapters in Part 2: The Symbiote explore Stargate SG-Vs cultural role as both artefact and capital" (2).
And on top of that, a black alien symbiote, carried on a crashed meteorite, fuses with Peter's Spider-Man suit.