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v. sym·bol·ized, sym·bol·iz·ing, sym·bol·iz·es
1. To serve as a symbol of: "Munich, the 1938 Hitler-Chamberlain meeting that now symbolizes the idea of appeasement" (Jonathan Alter).
2. To represent or identify by a symbol.
To use symbols.

sym′bol·i·za′tion (-bə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
sym′bol·iz′er n.
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Noun1.symbolizing - the act of representing something with a symbol
figuration - representing figuratively as by emblem or allegory
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The notion of symbolizing sexual love by a semisexless babe, and comparing the pains of passion to the wounds of an arrow -- of introducing this pudgy homunculus into art grossly to materialize the subtle spirit and suggestion of the work -- this is eminently worthy of the age that, giving it birth, laid it on the doorstep of prosperity.
He knew that the world, and Annie as the representative of the world, whatever praise might be bestowed, could never say the fitting word nor feel the fitting sentiment which should be the perfect recompense of an artist who, symbolizing a lofty moral by a material trifle,--converting what was earthly to spiritual gold,--had won the beautiful into his handiwork.
The mean and low, yet strangely man-like expression of his wilted countenance; the prying and crafty glance, that showed him ready to gripe at every miserable advantage; his enormous tail (too enormous to be decently concealed under his gabardine), and the deviltry of nature which it betokened,--take this monkey just as he was, in short, and you could desire no better image of the Mammon of copper coin, symbolizing the grossest form of the love of money.
In it, a person while symbolizing this stone to be the hand of the Almighty, places his own hand in His and in accordance with the ancient tradition about covenant and pledges by kissing it revives his pledge with the Almighty.
On Sunday a straw effigy symbolizing winter is burnt.
VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis has officially begun his ministry as the 266th pope, receiving the ring symbolizing the papacy and a wool stole symbolizing his role as shepherd of his 1.2-billion strong flock.
The symbolism has faded somewhat, but even the coffin is shaped like an ancient baptismal font, with the arched lid symbolizing a partial halo.
Francesco del Cossa's fresco in the Palazzo Schifanoia has the spectators, Ferrara's married and marriageable women, looking down on the violators of Christian feminine mores, their height symbolizing the superiority of chastity over unbound female sexuality.
The "Four Gentlemen" comprise the flowering plum (symbolizing modesty), the orchid (symbolizing loyalty), the chrysanthemum (symbolizing purity), and the bamboo (symbolizing integrity).
They wear white gowns (symbolizing the burial shroud), wide black cloaks (symbolizing the earth of the grave) and high brown caps (symbolizing a tombstone).
"The stamps feature an illustration of a growing plant symbolizing new life from the hands of different countries that helped the Philippines, and a rising sun symbolizing hope.