sympathetic vibration

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Noun1.sympathetic vibration - (physics) vibration produced by resonance
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
oscillation, vibration - (physics) a regular periodic variation in value about a mean
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It requires a relatively high frequency of the first modal for avoiding sympathetic vibration and a relatively small vibration amplitude of its mounting panels.
The high frequency sympathetic vibration of feedback rod end part is mainly affected by the 1st-order, 4th-order, 6th-order, and 9th-order vibration modes and corresponding natural frequencies.
More than 70 glass balls, each weighing 750 kg, have been installed to counter sympathetic vibration, explained Wan Tianbao, a chief engineer with the project.
The objective here is to dampen or eliminate as much as possible the phenomena of "sympathetic vibration.91 This is best duplicated by laying out a length of slothes line, grasping one end and not too gently attempting to crack hhe rope like a whip.
Here Lees elaborates the difference between musique, the "material of decorative charm," and Musique, "the poet's gestural sound or 'rythme' that links words through sympathetic vibration, magically embodies and animates them from within, and transforms the reader into a performer who can experience an overwhelming sense of Beauty ..." (152).
They are looking for companies and offerings that strike a sympathetic vibration inside them, that chord that says: "Yes, this is who I am.
The music itself coaxes our brains into sympathetic vibration. We move our bodies in time with the music.
The VIBRA-FLEX II[R] utilizes an efficient vibrated base frame design that delivers consistent sympathetic vibration to the pan through the springs, increasing pan life by reducing stress.
Meyer Machine Company's VFII Vibratory conveyor utilizes a unique and efficient excited base frame design that delivers consistent sympathetic vibration to the pan through leaf springs reducing maintenance requirements and increasing up-time.
'Consonnance', for its part, shows how Rousseau prefers the sympathetic vibration of strings as an acoustic basis of explanation for harmony over Rameau's derivation of the musical fundamental bass from the measurement of resonance: sympathetic vibration is directly observable via the senses and not via secondary effects.
Its technical meaning derives from the field of Acoustics, in which it is defined as an "intensification and prolongation of sound, especially of a musical tone, produced by sympathetic vibration."(100) Resonant elements in different religious traditions vibrate sympathetically - like distinct strings on an instrument.
The sounds, probably produced by the elephant's vocal cords, set up a sympathetic vibration in its forehead.