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Noun1.sympathy card - a card expressing sympathy
card - a rectangular piece of stiff paper used to send messages (may have printed greetings or pictures); "they sent us a card from Miami"
Mass card - (Roman Catholic Church) a card sent to a bereaved family that says the sender has arranged for a Mass to be said in memory of the deceased
spiritual bouquet - (Roman Catholic Church) a card indicating that the sender will perform certain devotional acts on behalf of another
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A SYMPATHY card with a bullet inside was opened by a child after being delivered to a home.
A BEREAVED ex-councillor's wife was left sobbing when she opened a sympathy card - to find it signed from a campaign group gloating over his election defeat.
Councillors from the home town of Duncan Edwards were left red-faced yesterday after a glaring inaccuracy on a sympathy card from them suggested they weren't quite sure which anniversary of the Munich air disaster they were commemorating.
Of course, we muddled through, thanks in part to patient freelance writers, who resubmitted stories along with their condolences (one kind soul even sent an electronic sympathy card from Blue Mountain) and the support of other CE staffers.
After that night, my only contact with the family was of a personal nature; I attended the funeral and sent a sympathy card.
A MOTHER was sent a sympathy card from a clinic where she had an abortion which contained scans of her foetus.
But Fieger said the officers seized Correa's pain medicine, a sympathy card and her rosary.
BROWNBILL The family of the late JEAN wish to thank all relatives, friends and neighbours for their kind expressions of sympathy, floral tributes, donations, Mass cards and sympathy cards received during their recent sad bereavement.
Jenny and family would like to thank all family, friends and neighbours for their kindness, sympathy cards, donations and beautiful floral tributes received during the sad loss of Trevor, also thanks to The Sir Bobby Robson Unit, Macmillan Nurses and Rev.
The family of the late Fred (Wilfred) would like to thank all relatives, friends and neighbours for their kindness, sympathy cards and generous donations to the Great North Air Ambulance.
NELSON George The family would like to thank all those who attended George's Funeral, for the Mass cards, sympathy cards and donations.
Also to thank the emergency services that attended my late Husband Ron, family, friends and neighbours, floral tributes, donations to the Heart Foundation and sympathy cards.