symphonic music

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Noun1.symphonic music - a long and complex sonata for symphony orchestrasymphonic music - a long and complex sonata for symphony orchestra
sonata - a musical composition of 3 or 4 movements of contrasting forms
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Alexander Lippay, came to Manila to establish the tradition of symphonic music in our country, founding one of the first orchestras in Asia, the Manila Symphony Orchestra.
Right now she's busy helping fellow retired musicians through her Symphonic Music Manila.
This Phil show will blend some of the greatest circus and acrobatic performers with symphonic music performed by the OKC Phil.
20, Grand Concert of Latvian Symphonic Music, Great Guild, Riga
These emotionally charged melodies will come to life with their enchanting rhythms and breathtaking lyricism, created especially for soprano and piano, as well as four-hand piano arrangements of some of Tchaikovsky's most popular symphonic music including the universally-loved ballets The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.
French conductor Louis Antoine Jullien (1812-1860), who arrived in New York in 1853, made choices that greatly impacted the ways in which audiences perceived symphonic music.
MUSIC from the East comes to Symphony Hall on consecutive evenings next week, with an opera from India, and a concert combining Western and Chinese symphonic music.
His oeuvre ranges from choral, solo vocal and instrumental to chamber and symphonic music.
For Meecham, appealing to diverse audiences is all about using a broad range of symphonic music to draw people into the live experience.
This is symphonic music of the highest quality, the equivalent of a Hitchcock thriller in its tensions and unpredictability.
competitive dialogue passed under sections 36, 67 and 74-IV of the Public Procurement CodeThis rehabilitation project of Building Foirail aims to meet A room for broadcast theater, symphonic music as well as dance and contemporary theater - 750 seats;Three art cinemas and testing - two rooms of about 100 seats and about 300;A general home (common home, counters, convivial space, health .
As well as the tradition of symphonic music, which in fact has such a wide range of repertoire in Birmingham, and we will definitely keep working on that together.